Social Innovation Leader — Summer 2019

Are you passionate about social entrepreneurship and international development?

Are you excited by the idea of working in rural communities in Guatemala, Ecuador, or the Dominican Republic?

Are you driven to help others and exercise your leadership and mentoring skills?

We are looking for Social Innovation Leaders to lead our Social Entrepreneur Corps programs. This is our unique global social entrepreneurship program, in which university students join our international development teams in Guatemala, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. You will be leading and supporting these teams of student interns during the duration of the program. Together, we train women and men in our partner communities to be entrepreneurs (using our globally recognized, award-winning micro-consignment model). We co-create solutions to community challenges and consult for small business and non-profits. We have been working year-round in most of these communities for more than 15 years and in that time have had more than 1000 students join us. Here you can see our Impact Report from our 2018 programs. Learn more about us on our website.


Multiple: Guatemala, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic


May 1, 2019 — July 31, 2019

Responsibilities and scope of work:

Working under the supervision of our Country Directors, you will:

  • Mentor and supervise university interns as they consult for grassroots organizations and local initiatives

  • Lead and facilitate the consultancies and project work of the interns including by liaising with our local community partners, and facilitating meetings and project work

  • Support the interns in settling into the local culture and living conditions as well as provide

    support with any health and security challenges that may arise.

The project work you will lead focuses on two areas:

  • The development, testing and scaling of social innovations. This could be at any stage of the

    innovation process from ideating to testing and prototyping

  • Grassroots consulting for community partners and locally run businesses and initiatives

More information on this year’s project focus areas and a selection of community consulting partners can be found here.


  • Strong belief in the power of collaboration

  • Open-mind and open heart

  • Interest and experience in social entrepreneurship and/or international development

  • Advanced level of Spanish (college level) and fluency in English

  • 4 years undergraduate degree (or equivalent)

  • Experience living and working in a developing country setting and ready to adapt to sometimes challenging conditions

  • Previous experience mentoring individuals and groups and/or in study abroad programs

  • Sense of humor

  • Ability to pivot and solve unforeseen challenges

  • Strong desire to help others achieve their goals and aspirations


  • Accommodation, transportation and work expenses covered

  • Signing and closing bonuses to assist with airfare coverageVISA costs (if applicable)

  • Stipend comparable to comfortable local wage

  • Training and supervision from expert Social Entrepreneur Corps staff

To APPLY, please send your resume and a cover letter to*:

Marta Verani at for Ecuador

Katie Brickwood at for Guatemala

Alyssa Mercedes Hopun at for the Dominican Republic

(*You are welcome to apply for multiple countries if you are flexible with your destination!)