unleash your purpose

Break free of your old definitions of work, overcome your fears, and start your career change in our one-day workshop

dates and locations:

new york city

Sep 7, Sep 22, Sep 28


Oct 5, Oct 12



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GOOD | Upworthy is a global media brand and social impact company dedicated to forging connections, changing perceptions and inspiring actions. Together, we believe that helping people unlock their unique potential in the world is one of the greatest ways we can transform it. In partnership, GOOD | Upworthy will help us engage an inspired audience with purpose-focused programs and move us closer to our mission of helping one million people build more purposeful careers and lives.

This is a wonderful and engaging program to pursue for anyone who is feeling stuck, lost or aimless. It provides a set of tools to help you get unstuck and refocused on what’s really important to you as a human being.
— Ben R., Project X Participant


Through individual and peer/community work, play, facilitated micro experiments, and guidance from mentors, we'll help you in a step by step process



Our workshop challenges you to take action first, see how the world responds, adjust and take another small step

personal development

We help you build resilience, be accountable to yourself and others, and stretch outside your comfort zones


A supporting community of peers and mentors who want nothing more than to help you thrive in your new endeavor


where are you (mis)aligned with your calling?

Get our purpose questionnaire to assess if you’re dedicating your time and energy in the right direction. It includes our TOP 5 purpose FAQs, too.

how much time will it take?

our workshop goes All day on one weekend day from 9.30am to 5.30pm (Lunch and snacks included). post-workshop, you’ll have the option to continue the journey with us for the next five months

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 what you’ll do:

With guidance by lab leaders Jeff Hittner, founder of IBM’s Corporate Social Responsibility consulting practice globally and Yulia Denisyuk, Navy veteran, a serial career re-inventor, you’ll complete 5 experiential activities designed to reconnect you to your purpose. This is about answering the question Who you want to be in the world?, rather than What. Then we’ll begin a series of micro-experiments to get you comfortable taking action and beginning the journey to experimenting your way in new career directions.

What comes next: Invest a bit of time every week for the next 5 months to put your purpose into action

After the workshop, you’ll have the option to continue your journey with us over the next five months (and beyond, if you choose). We''ll provide:

  • Independent micro-experiments to keep you moving forward in your purpose journey

  • Virtual, facilitated accountability sessions with your peers

  • Opportunities to meet up with your new community

  • A personalized session with one of our unique mentors

  • Resources specific to your interests

  • Potential opportunities to become a mentor yourself



This program is led by Project X Co-Founder Jeff Hittner — a serial social entrepreneur, educator, and advisor.

Jeff is a partner to global organizations focused on entrepreneurship and youth development. He has built career discovery, leadership and startup programs around the globe.

Jeff founded IBM's Corporate Social Responsibility consulting practice globally. In 2011, he developed the curriculum for one of the first MBAs in Sustainability in the US at Bard College, where he was the Leadership professor.

Jeff is a father to a two-year-old son and was an elite gymnast for nearly 15 years. Read about his career journey to launching Project X.


the details

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I realized that what I thought I was attending for — career disruption — was only part of a much larger holistic transformation that I needed and had been denying myself.
— Susie B., Project X Participant
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what people ask


Why are there different times for the workshops? We are trying to accommodate a diverse audience with different time commitments. We ask that you select only one time slot for all the workshops. After the kickoff session, you should either attend only the daytime sessions following it or only the evening sessions following it (but not toggle between the two).

Can I attend a daytime session one week and an evening session another week? We strongly discourage this because you will work with the same small group of peers each week and therefore need to commit to a specific time (either the daytime cohort or evening one).

What if I can’t make all the virtual sessions? All of our sessions will be recorded and posted to our Lab intranet where you will have unlimited access. However, we do group activities during every session so you will miss out on those.

program design

I’m interested in this program but not available during these times, what options do I have? We will be running this program several times a year and will adjust the day of the week it falls on each time. You should also take a look at our Purpose Accelerator and see if that is a good fit and/or the timing is better for you.

I am stuck personally. Is the program only designed around career “stuckness?” No, the activities, actions and peer accountability are perfect for whatever “stuck” you find yourself in.

The program is described as helping overcome obstacles that hold us back. What types of obstacles are a good fit? Any acute obstacle is a good fit for the program. For example:

  • A perspective on money that is holding you back

  • A lack of clarity around an idea you have or business you’ve launched

  • A soul-sucking job

  • A challenging relationship — at home or work

  • A bad habit you’d like to change

  • A fear of making a big change

  • A sense of something missing in your life, but you’re not sure what it is

How is this different from your Purpose Accelerator? The Get Unstuck Lab is a practical lab to help you get past the obstacles that hold you back — at work or in your personal life, while our Purpose Accelerator is an accelerated journey to finding your purpose and experimenting in a new career direction.

The overall goal of the Get Unstuck Lab is much narrower than the Purpose Accelerator. This program is also much shorter. You can see further details about the two programs’ differences in the chart further up on this page.