Experiment your way into a new career with our 8 week, after work PURPOSE ACCELERATOR

dates and locations:

new york city

Aug 3 — Sep 28

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Sep 7 — Oct 30

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virtual (chicago kickoff)

Oct 12 — Dec 10

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GOOD | Upworthy is a global media brand and social impact company dedicated to forging connections, changing perceptions and inspiring actions. Together, we believe that helping people unlock their unique potential in the world is one of the greatest ways we can transform it. In partnership, GOOD | Upworthy will help us engage an inspired audience with purpose-focused programs and move us closer to our mission of helping one million people build more purposeful careers and lives.

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You will call into question every robotic message you’ve ingested about the life you’re supposed to lead.
— Victoria S., Purpose Accelerator Participant




Our programs focus you on taking action first, seeing how the world responds, adjusting and taking another small step.

personal development

We help you build resilience, be accountable to yourself and others, and stretch outside your comfort zones.


A supporting community of peers and mentors who want nothing more than to help you thrive in your new endeavor.



You are "stuck” in your job but can’t seem to engineer the steps to make a change

You don’t know what you want to do with your life (so you're considering spending $100K on graduate school)

You feel like you’re “crazy” (you're NOT!) for wanting something other than the career path in front of you


The first four weeks are all about purpose sparks: 25 experiential activities designed to reconnect you to your purpose. This is about answering the question who you want to be in the world, rather than what.

Later, we’ll start taking small weekly steps to explore curiosities, overcome blockers, redefine your relationship with time and money, and begin to take action on a three-month career change plan.

So many people are searching for purpose and it is so important to learn you are not alone on this journey.
— Cristina G., Purpose Accelerator Participant


check out our Get Unstuck Lab

This live, virtual workshop series beginning mid-July is designed to help you get past the obstacles that hold you back.

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by Crystal Jeffs, a Purpose Accelerator participant

"This is a thoughtful and comprehensive personal and professional development program. It prompts you to think about yourself and the world in ways that you may not have before, in a safe space."

Suzanne T., Purpose Accelerator Participant



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I realized that what I thought I was attending for — career disruption — was only part of a much larger holistic transformation that I needed and had been denying myself.
— Susie B., Purpose Accelerator Participant
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More than twenty heavyweights in the arena of start-ups, marketing, and leading for change helping you do your best work and find your new purposeful career



Founder, SoulBranding Institute

An advisor to global executives, Elsie has a deep passion and expertise in coaching and developing women leaders


Cirque du Soleil Acrobat

Chris craves physical & intellectual play. He is a TED speaker & an acrobat with a PhD in machine learning




This program is led by Project X Co-Founder Jeff Hittner — a serial social entrepreneur, educator, and advisor.

Jeff is a partner to global organizations focused on entrepreneurship and youth development. He has built career discovery, leadership and startup programs around the globe.

Jeff founded IBM's Corporate Social Responsibility consulting practice globally. In 2011, he developed the curriculum for one of the first MBAs in Sustainability in the US at Bard College, where he was the Leadership professor.

Jeff is a father to a two-year-old son and was an elite gymnast for nearly 15 years. Read about his career journey to launching Project X.


cost: Early Bird $995 | Regular $1250

What’s included?

  • 10 sessions

  • Group accountability

  • Introductions to mentors and purposeful organizations

  • Up to 3 coaching sessions

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I love the openness and exchange that exists in the community. Everyone is here with honest integrity and commitment to challenging themselves.
— Ben R., Purpose Accelerator Participant


We love questions and are always happy to provide the answers. Here are some common questions people have before signing up:

appropriate candidates

I don’t have a good understanding yet of the career direction in which I want to switch – is the PURPOSE ACCELERATOR right for me? Yes. We’ve designed the program to support different career reflection starting points. Here’s how: as themes are introduced, activities begin as an individual exercise — so you’ll reflect and act based on where you are. Then we collaborate as a group on challenges that get us all experiencing the theme together, but related to hypothetical situations so we can learn from each other and our experiences. Finally, our weekly goal setting will focus on taking small steps to advance your specific career change efforts.

How is the PURPOSE ACCELERATOR different from career coaching? One of the biggest obstacles to career change is the feeling that you’re crazy for wanting to leave your job, that the little voice telling you to take the road less traveled should be ignored. In our program, people quickly realize they are not crazy and they are not alone. This sense of relief is a powerful catalyst for change. We all need support to make change - and in our program, you'll find a community to hold you accountable to making small steps in new directions.

Is this program just for early career professionals? We’ve had participants in their early 20’s and their late 50’s. The diversity of age has been an asset. Participants bring their unique experiences to the community and support one another in equally profound ways. 

Who is a right type of person for this program? If you are feeling stuck in your job and can’t figure out what steps to take to make a change, then you’re a good fit. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, and feel like there is a calling deep inside you, but you’re unsure how to connect to it, this program is for you. If you are questioning the path you are on — your definition of success, the future you see before you, the sinking feeling you get every Sunday night because you have to get back to work on Monday — then this program is a good fit.


Why are some programs virtual, others a mix and others entirely in-person? After people across the country reached out about attending our Purpose Accelerator program in NYC, we decided to offer some flexibility. We believe face-to-face engagement is critical to developing a sense of community and a safe space to explore a topic as intimate as purpose. As a result, every program — whether it’s held in NYC, Boston, Chicago or elsewhere — will begin with two intensive days in-person.

After the kickoff weekend, each location has a few logistical differences:

  • NYC program is entirely in-person for the entire 8 weeks. The next program begins the weekend of August 3 - 4 and meets for 8 consecutive Tuesdays after that from 7 pm - 10 pm in NYC.

  • Boston program will alternate between 3-hour in-person and virtual sessions on Wednesdays after the in-person kickoff weekend September 7 - 8. The Wednesdays of Sept 11, 25, October 9, and 23 will be virtual and the Wednesdays of September 18, October 2, 16 and 30 will be in-person.

  • Chicago will be entirely virtual except for the kickoff weekend. The kickoff weekend is October 12 - 13 (Columbus Day weekend). Then all 8 sessions will be online from 6.30-9.30pm Central Time on Tuesdays October 15, 22, 29, Nov 5, 12, 19, 26, Dec 3, 10.

For Boston and Chicago programs, our connection online will be much more palpable because we would have already built relationships in-person. Our technology will enable us to see one another together as a big group and go into break rooms as small as two people. We can do everything we would do in a face-to-face setting. The technology you’ll need is very simple: a computer with a camera. Your built-in microphone will also suffice.

Can I attend the kickoff weekend virtually? Unfortunately not, as mentioned above, there is a foundational level of community and intimacy that needs to be built up to explore a topic such as purpose and we believe that requires a face-to-face kickoff to the program. We’ve picked a long weekend to provide you with flexibility in flying in and out.

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