In a world growing inherently unpredictable,

we exist to spark the (re)discovery of your purpose, enabling you to build a career you’ll love and have an exponential impact on your communities.

Our world is changing faster than our educational and societal systems can adapt. The fundamental skills necessary to thrive in an environment we can’t even imagine yet: empathy, collaboration, joy & purpose, adaptive leadership & entrepreneurship - are not front and center, while our foremost fabric of support - communities - continues to break down.

This gap leads to generations of people choosing a career direction based on outdated markers: external pressures, prestige, income potential, stability and subsequently working in fields that are out of touch with who they are as people.

We aim to change that and start you on a journey to self-discovery, aligned personal and professional self and unprecedented growth.


Our mission is to help one million people build more purposeful careers and lives.

One way we do so is through our two newsletters:

  • Top 10 Purposeful Jobs: Connecting you to opportunities you didn’t know existed (often through our personal networks)

  • The Liftoff: Our community’s thoughts on navigating career change and meaningful living

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But we believe the best way to (re)discover your purpose is by helping others connect to theirs, so we’ve built several opportunities to make this happen:

  • Workshops and programs designed to get you unstuck and experiment in new career directions (like our Purpose Accelerator and Purposeful Entrepreneurship programs)

  • Short-term international experiences that get you outside your comfort zone quickly with our local development teams in Guatemala, Ecuador, or the Dominican Republic. Together, we empower women to become entrepreneurs (using the globally recognized, award-winning micro-consignment model we developed), co-create solutions to community challenges, and consult for small businesses and non-profits.


through genuine, transformative experiences,

breakthrough programs led by award-winning instructors

and connections to inspiring individuals you wouldn’t have otherwise met


What is it all for?

Our vision is

tO creatE positive change for 1M+ people by the end of 2020.