50+ collaborators, thinkers, and doers helping you every step of the way, our mentors come from backgrounds as different as conservation, technology, and education


Kate Otto

Physician & Author

Kate is a resident physician, non-fiction author, and global health professional; her purpose transcends a single profession. You'll learn how to build a deeper connection that impacts you and the world.



Writer, Designer, Consultant & Public Speaker

Fred is recipient of the Rockefeller Bellagio Fellowship and is former Global Managing Partner at IDEO. Fred is an advisor to social and business leaders around the globe and is currently investigating new ways to ignite constructive dialogue in a climate of widespread polarization, cynicism and disruption.


Founder, SoulBranding Institute

An advisor to global executives, Elsie has a deep passion and expertise in coaching and developing women leaders


Founder, Women Agents of Change

Dorian is an organizational advisor, executive coach, and designer of leadership programs and retreats 



Cirque du Soleil Acrobat

Chris craves physical and intellectual play. He is an acrobat with a PhD in machine learning and analysis. Check out Chris's TED Talk here.


Startup Consultant & Growth Hacker

Tom built a digital agency, worked at Google Creative Lab and is a master of content marketing and SEO


Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at SheIs 

Caiti is a marketing & business development executive focused on using the power of women’s sports to create a future of, by, and for strong women



Founder, ConBody

From drug kingpin to ex-con to social entrepreneur, Coss has built a prison-style bootcamp & fitness company

david thompson

Chief Learning Officer, Community Solutions

David's many careers include scientist and developing the tools that make science

Jessica james

Philanthropy & CSR Consultant

From fundraiser to facilitator and consultant, Jess builds the links between corporate and non-profit sectors


Manoj Fenelon

Teacher, Facilitator & Foresight Advisor

The former Director of Foresight at PepsiCo, Manoj's new Project X is to become a global educator

Christine kinser

Strategic Communications Executive

Christine's careers include speechwriter, IBM executive and publisher

chris marianetti

Co-Founder, FoundSound Nation

Chris leads a musical diplomacy initiative - OneBeat - in partnership with the US State Department


caleb mcclennon

VP, Global Conservation at Wildlife Conservation Society

Caleb is an environmentalist,  a professor at Columbia and advisor to numerous climate organizations

al bhatt

Founder, Center for Leadership Studies

Al designs and leads transformational change programs for global leaders and at risk youth

daniel paccione

Director of Global Studies, EF Academy

Daniel has built and led global education programs on nearly every continent


will nassau

Director of Training & Bus Dev, NY Peace Institute

Will designs and leads workshops in mediation, dispute resolution, and effective communication skills

vibha chokhani

Programs & Operations Manager, Mindkind Institute

Vibha is an expert in cultural and personal transformation

justin harlow

Founder, Lateral Labs

An entrepreneur, investor and advisor, Justin has worked in over 40 countries 


dan abelon

Investor, Two Sigma Ventures

Dan is a venture capitalist, a Kauffman Fellow, and founder of SpeedDate.com

tom gray

SVP at Capalino + Company

Tom's careers include the Coast Guard, city government, non-profit and corporations 

george pohle

Advisor, Technology Visionary, Board Member

George's has built careers as a strategist and global CEO, an engineer and an investor


michael rosskamm

Founder, Revive the Dream Institute

Michael is Assistant Regional Superintendent of 30 NYC charter schools, a former consultant and math teacher

roger osOrio

Global Facilitator, Startup Weekend

Roger empowers people with a process for taking any idea, goal, or endeavor from concept to creation

asheesh advani

Serial Entrepreneur & CEO, Junior Achievement Worldwide

Asheesh is a serial entrepreneur who has sold two businesses and leads Junior Achievement's impact across 118 countries


chintan panchal

Founder, RCPK Law Firm

Chintan is a founder, investor, entrepreneur and a legal advisor

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milana dostanitch

Employment rights attorney at Lipsky Lowe LLP

Milana educates and fights for social change, gender equality and fairness in the workplace. Her personal journey is an inspiration to our community.