Our Manifesto: Let’s Reimagine the Future of Work.

What we believe in.

We believe that the change you’ve been looking for is within reach.

Here’s what we know for sure:

The days of choosing your career early in life and continuing on its predetermined track are over.

We think the feeling in the pit of our stomach should come from the excitement of opportunity rather than the dread of a soulless career.

We want to live in a world where we are celebrated for listening to our intuition — our inner voice — in search of that purposeful future.

We want to support people in the (re)discovery of their passions. We trust in aimful wandering.

We care deeply about helping you run small experiments that get you closer to new paths and definitions of success.

We hope to — one day — change the way the world develops its definition of a career (hint: in the new world of work, you will have more than one).

We will be responsible for building a community that proves an unpredictable future can be an opportunity for all of us.