We love questions and are always happy to provide the answers. Here are the questions most people have before signing up:

I don’t have a business idea yet, or I have 2 or 3 ideas, is PURPOSEFUL ENTREPRENEURSHIP right for me?

If you don't yet have an idea but want to go from "wanna-preneur to entrepreneur," reach out to Jeff directly at We can go through an idea generation process together. You won't be an ideal fit for the program until you have a single idea you want to focus on. Same holds true for those of you with multiple ideas. Successful participants have one idea they pursue. Also, consider our Purpose Accelerator if you are unsure about having an idea you want to pursue vs. working in a startup. 

How is PURPOSEFUL ENTREPRENEURSHIP different from an accelerator?

Accelerators assume you are fully “ready” to be an entrepreneur. PURPOSEFUL ENTREPRENEURSHIP is about getting you ready: preparing you mentally – shifting your mindset from thinker to doer, providing you a framework for prototyping your design, and surrounding you with a network of mentors and peers that hold you accountable to taking action every day.

What is a typical weekly session like?

Generally speaking, weekly sessions begin with a ‘grounding’ activity to ensure everyone is fully present in the moment. We then have an inspirational speaker, group and individual activities around a theme, and mentor led accountability activities. We close with personal stories focused on deepening our efforts together.

Why do you run your program 1 night a week for 10 weeks rather than an intensive week-long program?

Two main reasons: Personal preparedness for entrepreneurship doesn’t happen in a week. Introspection on topics like purpose, our best selves, how we identify and overcome our fears, change our habits and mindset, and defining and experimenting with specific actions that will help bring your venture to fruition - these all require intentionality and time.

Second, our programs are designed to build a network and community of support that feels natural, ongoing and substantive. We learn how to carve out time together each week. Doing it this way starts a process of growth that will continue beyond the life of the program.

What are some of the themes / sessions focused on?

Download our curriculum to see the themes of all the sessions.

What outcomes should I expect?

Change comes in different shapes and sizes for different people. Here are a few of the outcomes our program participants have already experienced:

  • Scott overcame internal obstacles and fears about what was holding him back and moved forward building the life and freelance career he wanted to lead

  • Winthrop learned how to create and test his MVP - minimal viable product - making huge strides in his ‘Project X’

  • Krystal got the support of a passionate community and a network of mentors, entrepreneurs and designers.

I’m going to miss a few sessions – is it worth it?

10 weeks of availability – in a city like New York – is often impossible. We ask that you commit to attending 80% of the sessions. We post notes from the session you miss on an internal site to keep up to speed, and your accountability groups stay connected throughout the week ensure you are progressing.

Is the program worth the investment in time and money?

Entrepreneurship and career programs that provide 30+ contact hours typically cost thousands of dollars. Listen to several participants feedback on the time and investment:

“It’s  easy to be overwhelmed during the early stages of launching a company. The network that Jeff opened for us, and the support from my peers were some of the benefits gained from Jeff's program.”

"The process is illuminating. I came to Jeff with a set outcome in mind. I left with  a much deeper understanding of myself, a clear vision of my professional calling, and a community of people with shared values and a deep desire to support each other. Jeff holds the space for discovery and implements a form of accountability I have not experienced elsewhere. It is truly a life-changing journey."


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