We love questions and are always happy to provide the answers. Here are the questions most people have before signing up:

Can I get more information about how the program works and who some of the mentors and executives will be?

Definitely. If it’s okay with you we would ask that you spend a few minutes and fill out an application and we will send along in-depth information. And you can always ask more questions.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, reach out to us and we can give you info about where you can find them. We can also see if we can do something ourselves. We understand that the cost can be tough. We don’t want that to be a problem if you really want to do this. We’ll do what we can.

Is Guatemala safe?

Social Entrepreneur Corps has been leading programs in Guatemala for over 10 years and with over 1,000 student and corporate participants. To date we have not had any major health or security issues. Most violence you read about in Guatemala takes place in Guatemala City and the Peten. We do not work there. We work in small, indigenous communities in the Western Highlands where we have deep relationships. And we have health, safety and security policies that mimic the Peace Crops. Greg Van Kirk lived and worked in Guatemala for five years and we understand the environment and what to do and not to do very well. We have expat and local team members working there year round.

What’s covered in Guatemala?

In short, everything except for flights. Our team will meet you at the airport in Guatemala and take care of everything else along the way. Just bring you open mind, open heart, sense of adventure and passion.

What kind of a venture will I design?

That’s up to you and your team. You will use the Sustainable Development Goals as a guide. Once you pick your focus area you will create something using a design thinking framework to solve a problem you care about. Then in Guatemala you will learn how others are addressing the same overall issue in a different context. You’ll bring that back to help in the design of your solution.

How much is the seed funding?

That depends. We take a percentage of every student’s costs and allocate it to this. If we only have a few students sign up it may not be a lot. If we have more students sign up it will be much more.

Who are the mentors and executives?

Good question. Greg and Jeff have built up a broad network of friends, collaborators, and partners over the past 15 years. We will leverage this network for your benefit. This includes folks from Warby Parker, Deloitte, IBM, VisionSpring, Ashoka, etc etc etc. You’ll engage with young professionals, leaders of large organizations and entrepreneurs who have started their own things. We want to give you broad spectrum exposure and help you think about your own journey by learning from theirs.


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