“Social Entrepreneur Corps leadership approaches their work with professionalism, broad-spectrum skill sets and a tenacious work ethic. Their grassroots knowledge coupled with their deep business background and willingness 'to get their hands dirty' is hard to come by.”

Neil Blumenthal, Co Founder - Warby Parker Partner Organization


“Social Entrepreneur Corps leadership’s passion for impacting lives all across the world shines through. Thank you for inspiring people around you to learn more, give more and care more for others. It’s an honor to work together in the service of others.”

Kevin Bingham Deloitte Consulting’s Human Capital People to People Skills Based Volunteering Sponsor Partner Organization


“The skills, experience, passion and thoughtfulness of the leadership team shows that, if we model their actions and approach to finding solutions, sustainable and large scale change is possible.”

Tamar Koosed Founder, Manaus Consulting Partner Organization


“Our belief is that student transformation comes when they are fully immersed in an issue and community. The Social Entrepreneur Corps model achieves this as well as any program I know. Their programs have had a huge impact on our students and the communities they serve.”

Eric Mlyn, Ph. D. Executive Director, DukeEngage, Duke University Partner Institution


“Social Entrepreneur Corps allowed our students to engage in intensive community-based learning experiences bridging the gulf between theory and practice in a real and meaningful way.”

Susan Dicklitch, Ph.D., Associate Dean of the College, Director, The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement, Franklin & Marshall College Partner