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Our mission is to help one million people build more purposeful careers and lives


We believe that by helping other people achieve their purpose you will get closer to discovering yours (we call this our Theory of Change).

our impact



people have taken our programs

Since 2005, we’ve built and led transformative programs for students, professionals and organizations from Warby Parker and Deloitte to Stanford and Duke



communities impacted by our work

Read our annual impact report (currently focused on our international programs) here



individuals impacted, empowered and on a journey to purpose

Across the six countries where we run our programs (learn more here)


meet our team

Jeff and Greg first met over a decade ago. At the time, Greg and his team were creating the now global MicroConsignment model, while Jeff was leading IBM’s global CSR consulting efforts. They clicked immediately over Greg's empathy activity where students discovered that all families, rich and low-income, prioritize their children’s education above all else.

Read the rest of the story here.

Jeff Hittner

Superpower: Adaptive leadership

Co-founder of Project X, Jeff is a partner to global organizations focused on entrepreneurship and youth development. He has built career discovery, leadership and startup programs around the globe.

Jeff founded IBM's Corporate Social Responsibility consulting practice globally. In 2011, he developed the curriculum for one of the first MBA’s in Sustainability in the U.S., at Bard College, where he was the Leadership professor.

Jeff is father to a one-year-old son and was an elite gymnast for nearly 15 years.

Greg Van Kirk

Superpower: Empathy

Co-founder of Project X, Greg has been a social entrepreneur for the past 16 years. He is an Ashoka Fellow and World Economic Forum “Social Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Over 1,500 students & professionals have participated in Greg's immersion programs in Guatemala over the past 10 years. He was also recently awarded the Bishop Medal from Miami University which is given to one alumnus every year for his or her work in service of humanity.

Greg is father to a 6 year old son and a teenage daughter.


Yulia Denisyuk

Superpower: Courage

Yulia is a passionate storyteller and a believer in constant positive change. She is an avid traveler and a travel photographer and writer. Yulia's work has appeared in AFAR, Lonely Planet, and more. She is currently waiting to board a plane to take her to a new, exciting place. Before joining Project X as a marketing director, Yulia has spent nearly a decade working for the US Navy and two large US corporations (Kimberly-Clark & Anheuser-Busch) building their HUGGIES and Shock Top brands.

She (almost) has it all figured out.

Madalina Bouros

Superpower: Optimism

Madalina is our Social Innovation Leader. She has a high drive for creating long-lasting change through social innovation. For 10 years, Madalina led projects in the area of social entrepreneurship, improving worker well-being, micro-franchising, migrant workers rights, youth, and women empowerment in multiple countries and sectors. 

Madalina believes in the power of collaboration and what can people achieve when they come together.  With this purpose, she started  Change Architects in her home country of Romania, with the goal to transform youth from spectators of their futures in its architects.  


Alyssa Mercedes Hopun

Superpower: Versatility

Alyssa is our Social Innovation Leader & Country Director for Community Empowerment Solutions in Nicaragua. She is a consultant for non-profit organizations & social projects, specializing in grassroots community development and bringing years of experience facilitating value exchange programs in Latin America for university & professional consultants.

Alyssa is a purposeful wanderer who looks forward to continuing to explore opportunity-filled destinations.

Luke Burchell

Superpower: Tenacity

Luke is our Social Innovation Leader and he has worked directly with community leaders and families for the last 10 years in Guatemala, South Africa, and Mexico designing, piloting and co-creating social innovation programs. He has co-founded a community health program for marginalized communities in Chiapas, Mexico.

Luke is a father to two small children. Despite his love for boxing he recently swapped his boxing gloves for a guitar pick.

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Katie Brickwood

Superpower: Adaptability

Katie is our Social Innovation Leader for Guatemala working alongside our local team members of Soluciones Comunitarias as well as our organizational and community partners to bring high impact solutions to local communities. She has a background in social policy, education, community consultation and indigenous advocacy in Australia and the Pacific. Katie is passionate about the role of education in promoting empathy and combating racism, and back in Australia was part of a national team to develop curriculum standards for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories to be taught in schools.

Katie is a passionate traveller who thrives on stepping outside of her comfort zone and learning from meaningful cross-cultural connections.

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Marta Verani

Superpower: Enthusiasm

Marta is our Social Innovation Leader and Country Director for Ecuador. She works with local communities and grassroots NGOs to identify and co-create innovative ways of social and economic empowerment. Before joining Project X, Marta was working at the United Nations in social and economic affairs. She has a background in Anthropology and Development Management from the London School of Economics.

When she is not spending time in a community in the Amazon, you might find her advocating on youth issues at the international level or running on an ultimate frisbee pitch.


our values

We bring these foundational values to each and every area of our work:


You can only find success in your life and career if you stay true to your authentic self. Can you define what makes you you? What’s the story of you?


Guess what? No one has all of the answers. Everyone feels inadequate. To innovate you need to have the courage to be vulnerable. This is how we connect. This is how we create. Are you ready to get a little uncomfortable?


"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad.” The bridge between the two is experience. You need to do - then reflect - then do some more. 


What’s your WHY? What drives you? Tough decisions lie ahead. That’s just life. Not good. Not bad. Just life. Without an understanding your personal purpose, feeling adrift will be a pretty normal feeling to have. We think adrift sucks. 


We must proactively create the basis for respect, trust, deep engagement and connection across differences before we can lead.



2-time Ashoka Globalizer Fellow

2-time Ashoka Globalizer Fellow

Community Partner of the Year

Community Partner of the Year

Winner, Innovation Award

Winner, Innovation Award

Social Entrepreneur of the Year

Social Entrepreneur of the Year

Member, Clinton Global Initiative

Member, Clinton Global Initiative

Winner, Community Partner

Winner, Community Partner